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VMC condensate pump

Use: thermal power condenser heat transfer system within the condensate.
Flow: 85 ~ 1940 m3 / h
Head: 48 ~ 360 m
Medium temperature: room temperature ~ 80 ℃
Structure type: VMC-type condensate pump is a vertical tube-type bags double shell structure, the first round of the single-suction or double suction form the last stage impeller and the impeller secondary general, the form of a single suction. Head shell for shell or spiral shell bowl, secondary, final stage shell shell bowl; shaft has several radial bearings, pump rotor axial thrust bearing load to bear by the pump itself, but also by the motor to withstand; shaft packing seal can seal or mechanical seal, pump rotor shaft with two shafts, shaft connection between the card ring drum coupling, pump connection for the flexible or rigid coupling pin coupling connection; suction and discharge interfaces are located in the pump cylinder and the spit seat, and was 180 ° horizontal layout (can be any integer multiple of 15 ° deflection).
Structure and composition: VMC-type pump consists of the following components: pump cylinder, work unit, the water part and the thrust section.
Pump tube: pump cylinder is made of quality carbon steel plate welded part of a circular cylinder, which has a suction side of the flange; pump pump cylinder to form the outer shell layer pressure chamber, normal working hours in a vacuum chamber state.
Work Department: Department of work with multi-stage impeller pump with the rotor to the order form and the formation of its outer shell composed of diversion diversion space.
Pump rotor from the impeller, shaft, keys, bushings and other pieces of composition.
Impeller is the original motivation for pumping energy into the core components of liquid energy.
Both as a carrier of the impeller shaft, but also conveys the full load of the rotor.
Diversion effect of the shell is minimal loss of liquid will be driven out of the impeller to the next level even after the impeller. Diversion is the only port connection Shell positioning, and finally with bolts tight.
Water parts: in part by taking over the water, pump blocks and other pieces of composition; pump drive shaft from the center of the cross section; from the Ministry of pump out the part of the liquid level by the external pressure pipe into the pump. Pump has sealed letter seat body, the pressure relief hole, off the steam holes; relief hole for the shaft seal chamber pressure to the minimum; off steam holes for the pump discharge tube of the gas in a timely manner to the condenser.
Thrust components: thrust by the thrust bearings, bearing the body, adjust the nut and so on. Axial force generated by the pump drum balance and fell from the balance of 95%, and the remaining residual axial force by the thrust bearing. If the axial force by the motor to withstand, then do not have this part.
Bearings: pump equipped with multiple water lubricated guide bearing to withstand the radial force pump rotor, one bearing in the middle, the second letter in a sealed body, the rest of the work within the Department.
Shaft seal: mechanical seal or packing seal can be sealed, sealing the outlet pipe connected to the seal by the letter of the body, sealing products, appearance of water demanded to see the random graph.
Couplings: shaft and shaft sleeve with the card sets and fixed connection; drive shaft connecting the motor shaft coupling with a flexible diaphragm or rigid coupling connection.
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