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26 thousand m3/h double suction pump

Product Overview: SM in the open single-stage double suction centrifugal pump volute, mainly for water plant, water supply and drainage pumping stations, iron and steel metallurgy enterprises, petrochemical refining, paper, oil, irrigation, power plants, industrial water supply systems and large-scale water conservancy projects, etc. physical and chemical properties similar to the transmission slightly with water or liquids with solid particles.
Notable features:
1, the pump casing and elegant, compact, pump cover in the assembly can be automatically corrected;
2, the impeller design using computer optimization of the double suction impeller, has excellent hydraulic performance (high efficiency, low noise, water) and good resistance to cavitation NPSH small).
3, the seal packing seal is usually used, maintenance is very convenient, you can also use mechanical seal according to user needs.
4, the bearing grease lubricated bearings usually effective lifetime without adding grease; also be configured according to requirements of the oil cup oil level constant, the use of thin oil lubrication (see chart I). Part of the pump bearings, oil lubrication (see chart II).
5, the installation of large pumps are usually installed directly on the concrete foundation, smooth (recommended bit buried separately in each iron bolt for easy maintenance adjustments.)
6, run the whole structure is braced at both ends of the rigid short axis, so that smooth operation, no vibration, and thus low mechanical noise, shaft and long life.
General Data
Pump outlet diameter of DN 800 ~ 1800mm
Flow (Q) ≤ 44000 m3 / h
Yang Cheng (H) ≤ 150 m
Temperature (t) ≤ 130 ℃
Allowable inlet pressure ≤ 6 bar
Allowable working pressure ≤ 25 bar
Allowable test pressure ≤ 37.5 bar
More demanding performance data recognized by our technical department before delivery
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