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LSB submerged acid pump

Overview: LSB-based high-temperature sulfuric acid liquid pump has the following characteristics:
Draw a wide range of domestic and foreign submerged pump design and material selection of the strengths, so that the pump stroke to reach the advanced level.
Screening of the hydraulic model, the performance is stable, as energy-efficient pump.
Adoption of national anti-corrosion resistant materials the latest research results, so durable, economical and reasonable.
This series of liquid pumps to increase the suction pipe structure, operating under the same depth as compared with ordinary liquid pump unit length shortened, the relative rigidity of the drum pump units increased, stable and reliable.
This series of pumps universal, high standardization, interchangeability.
Pump unit disassembly and maintenance.
Flow rate (Q): 10 ~ 2000 m3 / h
Head (H): 15 ~ 50 m
Temperature (t): ~ +110 ℃ (98% H2SO4)
Temperature (t): ~ +80 ℃ (93% H2SO4)
Design features:
LSB-type liquid pump is single stage single suction vertical centrifugal pump, mainly by the pump, pump cover, impeller, shaft, base plate, the middle to take over, export pipes and seals, bearings, couplings and other component parts integral.
The main thrust back by the impeller blades to balance.Residual axial force and rotor by bearings to withstand weight.
Suction pumps on the full use of their height, increase the pump unit to increase the suction pipe insertion depth. However, before starting over the center line of liquid level must be higher than the impeller.
From motor to the pump end to see the counter-clockwise direction.
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