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F, AF type stainless steel pump

Structural features: F (AF) type stainless steel pump for single grade, single suck, cantilever centrifugal pump, its main parts: pump body, impeller pump cover, pay impeller), the axis (, brackets, couplings etc. Namely the pump body, impeller can not move out of the suction direction by the front door, calledVice called after the doors open. Bearings for rolling bearing, lubricated by grease.From motor end depends to pump for counter-clockwise, pump.
USES: F type stainless steel pump used to transport not containing solid particles, corrosive liquid. Be transported medium temperature for - 20 ℃ ~ 160 ℃, the pump inlet pressure is not greater than 0.6 MPa. This series pump flow range for 2m3 / h to 400m3 / h, head 15m to range of 105m, slow down the head after using limit can reach 3m.
AF type series stainless steel pump for single grade, single suck, cantilever centrifugal pump, it is F type pump conversion product, is the F type pump structure as the base, the pay of impeller, shaft sealing structure skeleton seals instead of mechanical seal shaft seal is applicable to transport containing solid particles, suspension of impurities, be transported medium corrosive liquid temperature of 20 ℃ ~ 160 ℃ - on absorption, allowing no greater than 6 meters high vacuum water high.
haft seal:
The single seals, double seals and can be equipped with cooling, flushing or sealant liquid system, according to user requirements arbitrary choice.
At present our company anti-corrosion materials, can fully satisfy the requirements of various media. When ordering, please provide users will transport medium information.
Order information:
According to the conditions of use decided to pump specifications, materials, shaft seal type and prime mover. If ordering pointed out that capacity and head, inhaled pressure, choose materials, medium name, proportion and temperature, etc.
With special motor, to that point, power and voltage explosive-proof grade.
If choose mechanical seal, if ordering puts forward the model, name.